General Anxiety Disorder

Those suffering from General Anxiety Disorder usually feel anxious most of the time. They will at times go to great lengths to avoid aspects of life that others may feel drawn to, such as social gatherings. Forming friendships for them is difficult and even employment may suffer because of the level of anxiety that normal, […]

Depression and Anxiety

The relationship between anxiety and depression isn’t always clear-cut. If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, you might have anxiety as a secondary condition. Conversely, people diagnosed with anxiety often suffer from depression. While both conditions have many symptoms in common, there are important differences. Both anxiety and depression can manifest themselves in a variety of […]

Anxiety Attack Therapies

Are you having cramp of the chest, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, palpitations of the heart?. Do you recognize these symptoms? Those are the symptoms of an panic attack. Anxiety attack symptoms normally are very shocking for the person suffering from anxiety attacks. The anxiety attack symptoms are nothing new and it is believed that they have affected […]