Those suffering from General Anxiety Disorder usually feel anxious most of the time. They will at times go to great lengths to avoid aspects of life that others may feel drawn to, such as social gatherings.

Forming friendships for them is difficult and even employment may suffer because of the level of anxiety that normal, day-to-day living may engender in them.

Several reasons exist for this disorder. While it may begin at a very early age, the symptoms and the signs typically will manifest themselves much more slowly than other kinds of anxiety. Those who have this, when questioned, state that they don’t remember a time that they felt completely at ease with themselves or their surroundings.

Normally, the generalized anxiety disorder will begin along with other kinds of mental health conditions, and may be linked with some mood problems, as well as substance abuse of all types.

With self-help, it may be resolved. Generally, it does not do so and requires that the symptoms and the condition be treated in an ongoing way. Usually, if you’re suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, you may also suffer from depression.

Young adults, teens and children may suffer from the disorder as well.

The child who is suffering from the disorder will feel far too anxious to make friends, feeling that they don’t fit in. They will be self critical and very anxious to be perfect in nearly every way. They may be lacking in confidence and will strive to gain the approval of teachers, parents and friends. They will need some very strong support and reassurance from the adults who are part of their life.

Long term prognosis for the person suffering from this condition is good. Good as long as they stay aware of their condition and receive the proper support fronm the right people.