Everyone feels angry sometimes – its how you deal with your anger and respond to your feelings of anger that define whether or not you have an anger management problem. If you often rage, intimate or threaten others or if you just speak rudely to family, friends and co-workers your anger could be out of control.

You may have an anger management issue if you:-

  • often or always feel agitated or angry,
  • find that small and insignificant things make you angry,
  • have angry outbursts or feel like you are unable to control your anger,
  • feel aggressive towards people,

Anger is A Common Concern Counselling Can Help

Anger management is a common presentation at counselling sessions. Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can be difficult to control, especially if you have never learnt how to deal with your anger in an appropriate way. Anger Management issues can have a major impact on your life and the life of the people around you. However, counselling sessions with an anger management counsellor can help you to learn the skills to keep your anger in check and respond to situations more calmly.

Sometimes anger is caused by external stimuli, e.g. you become angry because your boss is treating you badly at work, or because of internal stimuli, e.g stress.

Common Anger Issues Sulking vs Acting Angry

Different people display their anger in different ways. Some yell, swear or throw things, others become cranky, quiet or sulky. Most people can maintain a degree of control over these issues and can recover their angry responses very quickly. Others have a far lower tolerance to frustration they are easily frustrated and their frustration easily escalates to aggressive behaviour or responses.

What Happens In Anger Management Counselling

Anger management counselling will help you understand where your anger comes from and what triggers your angry responses. It will also provide you with the tools and techniques to help you deal with your angry emotions more appropriately and in a way which is less threatening to the people around you.

Anger management counselling helps you learn how to anticipate your angry responses, be calmer when you feel angry, and express yourself more constructively and less aggressively.

Counselling with a qualified Psychologist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist can help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life, both personally, at work, and in your relationships.